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Monthly Update + Q & A with Mike from Last Seen Alive

Yo Yo!, Its time for our monthly catch-up and god damn its been a busy one! In the last month we have played 3 gigs, had a photoshoot, launched a pledge music page, received our first delivery of merch, begun recording our new music and met loads of new people along the way!

The Pledge music page is going really well and we are speechless with the amount of support we have received already. We have now started recording and all of Gareth's drum parts are finished! :) If you haven't already, head over to the pledge music page here to see Gareth in the studio.

The next step is to record guitars and bass on July 22nd and then crack on with the vocals. Super excited to get in the studio again and as always we will keep you up to date with plenty of behind the scenes goodies.

Our first delivery of merch has arrived which is very cool & very weird to see people at our shows in LSA T's ha ha. To keep you all looking super sexy, we will be asking for your advice on what you would like to see from our future merch and we have more competitions on the horizon ;)

A stand out moment for us this month was being invited to play at The Hope & Ruin by This Feeling. The evening was full of great music and the crowd were insane!! England had won against Sweden just hours before we played so the vibe was electric and there was even a cover of "footballs coming home" in there somewhere! It may not be coming home...but the whole night was incredible.

We are going to wrap things up this week with our next band members Q&A installment. This time its Mike's turn for a grilling ;)

1. How did you become a member of LSA? I moved from Grimsby to Brighton to study music and that's where I first met Ellie. I had been writing songs on and off for a while before uni, but I could never manage to finish any of them and singing wasn't exactly my strong point... I asked Ellie to help and we ended up writing a handful of songs together. After Uni I took a break from music to "adult", but me and Ellie were still keen to share our music. We finally started to search for band members, which is when we met Gareth, Matt and Rich. It all came together really naturally from there to be honest, we had a couple of rehearsals and things just flowed.

2. Who are your biggest inspirations/influences? Without a doubt my parents are my biggest inspirations. They have supported me tirelessly on my musical journey and I literally wouldn't be this far along my path without them. My main musical influences are A day to Remember, Rise against, Paramore, Machine Head, Don Broco, and Neck Deep.

3. If you could be an animal what would you be and why? This one is a toughy! You gotta put some thought into something like this right!? There are some seriously cool animals out there but i think i would have to be a Crocodile coz they are bad-ass dinosaurs!

4. If LSA crash landed on a desert island, who is most likely to survive? What 3 things would you choose to have with you and why? Obviously I would be the most likely to survive ;) If I had to have 3 things with me I would choose a copy of Lord of the Rings coz its the best, a comfy chair, and an endless keg of beer (assuming they exist in the future when I get stranded). That way I could chill in the sun and chill out! If i'm gonna be the last person to survive i'll need something to stop me getting bored when everyone else is gone.

5. What is your favourite LSA song and why? I think I am going to go with "Edge of the World". Its a great song to play live with the build up in the middle, Its also got a really strong message behind it. To be honest its a bit of a fuck you to the people who tell you not to pursue your dreams, music specifically. That message really means a lot to me.

6. What bands did you grow up listening to? Jesus! This is where this train derails ha ha! My siblings are also musical and my parents have an eclectic music taste which results in a very weird mix. I grew up listening to artists like Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, REM, Dire Straits etc. The first album I ever bought was "Let Go" by Avril Lavigne! Those first two albums have some seriously well written songs on and at the time I was all about that emo/skater shizzle ha ha.

7. What inspired you to pursue music? Funny story actually. I had my sights set on joining the RAF as a pilot for a very long time but in the end my eyesight wouldn't allow it! (Too many video games!) The musical side of things started when i saw a kid from my school playing Seven Nation Army at a talent show and everyone went wild! My family have always enjoyed music anyway but that experience made me realise that it was something I wanted to do as a career!

8. What was the first band you saw live? The first band I saw live was Nickelback and I bought my first band merch at that show too.

9. Marvel or DC?

Very Tricky! Batman is my jam and i'm a huge fan of the Dark Knight Trilogy but im going to go for Marvel. Guardians of the Galaxy is one of my fave superhero movies (Incredible soundtrack too) and I grew up on Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic 4.

10. If Hollywood were to make a movie about your life, who would play you?

I would play me! Never acted before so I would 100% fuck it up and the movie would be shit but oh well, its authentic!

Thanks for tuning in to another blog post. We have so much more planned in the coming weeks and we are bringing you along for the ride.