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Last Seen Alive at the movies!

Note: Matt is still alive and well don't panic...he couldn't however make it to the 2:hrs screening due to work commitments! Shame on you Matt ;)

Hello World,

Welcome back to the Last Seen Alive blog! If you haven't already then head over to our first blog post and catch up with what our goal is for Last Seen Alive!

This time around we're going to chat about something that we have had to keep under the radar for what seems like forever, its been bloody difficult not to share any details with you! The observant amongst you will have noticed that a couple of weeks ago we teased some snaps on our social media, a mysterious red curtain… we are very excited that we can now publicly announce, the tracks from our EP Patronage were featured in a film!!

Saturday 27th of Jan was the first ever showing (cast and crew only) of a movie called 2:Hrs, directed by D. James Newton and written by Roland Moore. We were fortunate enough to be there at the showing and it was incredible to celebrate all the hard work that James, Roland and the rest of the team have put into this project. They also had popcorn which was fucking awesome.

“Slacker Schoolboy Tim is an expert in wasting time. So what happens when he discovers he has two hours left to live?”

It’s a family film about a group of teenagers, one of which falls into a strange machine and finds out that he only has 2 hours left to live. Starring Keith Allen and Sean Walsh they go on a comical journey all around London (really cool use of the natural history museum) as they decide how to spend Tim's last two hours on earth together.

We were introduced to James not long after our EP was released, which just goes to show how long this has been in the pipeline! He is a fellow Brightonian who really liked our EP and wanted to “champion” a local Brighton band in the film. The stars shone brightly, the planets aligned, zap forward 4 months and we're sat in a cinema in London listening to our music on the big screen. Pretty damn crazy!

We would like to say a huge thanks to James and his team for giving us this amazing opportunity and thank you so much to everyone that took the time to listen to Patronage and spread word. It's your support that has got us this far and we are so grateful!

We are busy busy organising and planning for this year and can't wait to let you guys in on everything else we have in store. The film is still not available to the public so we will keep you posted as soon as we have more info.

We hate to be the guys to ask but if you fancy it, head over to our Facebook page and rate us from 1-5 stars, on how sexy Gareth, I mean, oh shit, wait, I mean.... if you have liked the shows yano we'd love to know!! ;)

Until next time bros!