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The Last Seen Alive Blog is Born!

Hello World,

Welcome to the very first LSA Blog post! We’ve been thinking about the best way to let you in on what’s been happening behind the scenes in a more personal way, so from now on this will a place where we can chill out and catch up! It’s going to take us a while to get this whole “blogging” thing under our fingers, but at the end of the day that’s what this is all about, were hoping it can become a way for you feel like a part of our LSA community and learn with us along the way.

Now all that’s out of the way, it seems fitting for our first blog post ever that we catch you up a little bit on the band and more importantly our “Vision”. To be brutally honest if we start going into the little details about how we formed you’re going to run a mile, at the end of the day we are a band… and we formed pretty much how 99.9% of all bands are formed…a mutual love of music/close friendships/right place at the right time…Blah blah blah.

What’s more important is what we plan to do now LSA exists! What is our “Vision”? Music has been a massive part of our lives individually and we have all grown up going out to the live shows, buying the merch and I’m certain we’ve all rocked an emo fringe at some point ha ha (even Ellie) We’ve even devoted our studies to music throughout college and university! Our goal now is to use music to connect people the way it connected us, to bring a bit of energy into this grey 9 to 5.

In short, we are working hard to build a community of people around the band that share a mutual love of music and gigs like us. We want you to be able to come down to a show after a long week at work and go crazy, meet new people and have laugh! It’s been almost a year since we started LSA (Feb 17th) and the support that we have received the whole way has been overwhelming. Watching this community grow is one of the best feelings and we can’t thank you all enough! If you’ve read this far then god help us all! This blog thing might actually work 😉

Until next time,


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